5 Tools For Surviving Holiday Conflict With Your Family From A Conflict Specialist

There is a reason why we all go around telling each other to “have a happy holiday.” Sure, it is the polite thing to do, but it reinforces the fact that there are alternatives to being happy during this time. Sometimes, it’s almost like we’re willing happiness to ourselves and those around us so we can make it through the festivities unscathed. While many of us can remember jolly gatherings with our families, I am sure memories surface of when your relatives and loved ones made you want to pull your hair out. Stress, family dynamics, sibling rivalries, personal vendettas, loss, and economic hardship all contribute to making holidays difficult. However, even through difficulty, there can be happiness and joy. I would like to share my brief survival guide for reducing conflict, stress, and hardship so that you can begin enjoying the fun stuff, like food and presents.

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