3 Lessons Chelann Gienger Learned Starting 3 Ventures Before Turning 20

Without change, there is no growth. I am sure you have heard the saying,
“If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” Well, I challenge you to stop reading this for a second and really think about what that means.
Okay, welcome back. With how fast new ideas, technology and everything else is moving today, it is absolutely critical that as businesses owners we are constantly pushing our businesses to the next level of excellence and innovation. And that means change. Chelann made it clear that change is very difficult for her since it will most likely result in even more lack of control.
“I’m a logical and systematic individual, so whenever there is a possibility of me not having all my ducks in a row, my default is to run the other way.”
But you have to get over that because change is critical and without it, your business won’t reach it’s full potential. If change is hard for you like it is for Chelann, surround yourself with a team who is committed to change and pushing the business forward. Remember, change=growth. Be intentional about doing the hard, but right thing.

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