16 Pop Culture Moments We’re Actually Thankful For This Year

We can all agree: 2016 was not the easiest. Between all the terrifying stories in the news, celebrity breakups, and celebrity deaths, we’re all more than ready to throw out our calendars and start fresh with 2017.

That said, there were some good things that happened this year – even though they can be hard to remember sometimes. But it’s important to at least acknowledge the brighter moments of the past months, as fleeting as they might be. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to think of the positive, and it’s healthy to do so. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, we’re rounding up 16 moments from pop culture that made us smile, laugh, or cheer at some point this year. Because hey, it’s the little things we need to hold on to — and there is no better way to combat negativity than with a laugh or a good memory.

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