15 Matte Lipsticks We Love

What better way to honor National Lipstick Day then with a tube of the pout product de rigueur. A matte mouth is an ageless look, as long as you consider your complexion, explains Troy Surratt, a celebrity makeup artist. His advice: look for shades with red, pink, and peach undertones, which ensure that even the deepest and most neutral pigments remain youthful and flattering. To avoid flaky, dry lips (a common consequence of matte formulations) don’t skip the prep. Start by exfoliating the skin to lift away dead cells (you can do this while washing your face with a Clarisonic brush, Surratt says), then allow your lips to “marinate in a moisturizing balm” for plumping and hydrating benefits. Here, a round up of our favorite velvety hues.

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