10 Chic Mixed-Metal Jewelry Pieces for Your Super Stylish BFF

You know those antiquated fashion rules you were told to follow—don’t wear white after Labor Day, stay away from matchy-match looks, or never mix your metals? Yeah, those. Sometimes it’s hard to embrace trends that were once taboo. And even though you may not be completely 100-percent on board, you definitely have a rule-breaking, self-described “fashion girl” friend who is. 

And for said friend, the best gift you can give is one that supports her fashion choices. That’s why we rounded up 10 items that celebrate mixed hardware in all of its rebellious multi-metal glory. Some are chunky and sculptural (perfect if she leans toward maximalism), others dainty and minimal, and all of them are intertwined with gold, silver, and sometimes rose. Consider this your ultimate mixed-metal jewelry gift guide—and if you happen to eye something you love, why not pick one up for yourself? Rules are made to be broken.

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